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Welcome to FELLOWSHIPS of Men & Monsters    Collectible Card Game, the World's First Completely FREE, Non-Profit Fantasy CCG.  Download as many cards, gameboards, rulebooks, etc. as you wish for FREE. Many thanks to the artists who have given us friendly permission to use some of their most spectacular art for use wth this non-profit game!
Click here to see how FELLOWSHIPS      is so different from Magic the Gathering      and many other CCGs.
These Cards Actually Fight Each Other!
Click here to see how these cards fight each other in combat.
All New Card Layout & Combat System!
Click here to check out the layout and different kinds of cards.
Instantly determine all battle outcomes regardless of their complexity using the all new Insta-Battle    Combat System.
Play Any of Your Cards Right From the Start of the Game!
No time is wasted slowing drawing cards from a deck!  Get all your cards right from your first turn using the new ClassLimit     System.
Cast Any of Your Spells as Long as You Have Time!
Although you can cast any of your spells - you only get 5 Seconds of  Spellcasting Time     per turn... so choose your spells wisely!
The BattleMat     Gameboard Lets Your Cards Fight!
The BattleMat is not just a gameboard - it's an actual battlefield
that lets your cards fight as if they were in hand-to-hand combat.
Explore the War-Ravaged Kingdom of Baalskar!
See how invading monsters from the East have transformed
this once peaceful & magical kingdom into darkness & horror.
Player Cards
ClassLimit = 20
Spell Cards
ClassLimit = 30
Magic Item Cards
ClassLimit = 6
Giant Weapon Shield
Time = 3 Seconds
Time = 2 Seconds
Time = 1 Second
Click here for Interactive Map of Baalskar.
Click here for Interactive BattleMat Gameboard.
Click here to see how to cast spells using Spellcast Time.
Click here to see how to build your deck using ClassLimit.
Play FELLOWSHIPS of Men & Monster NOW!
Download everything you need for FREE to start playing FELLOWSHIPS Of Men & Monsters CCG right now!
Or Download or View the Standard Rulebooks!
If you prefer standard rulesbooks then click here to download either the QuickPlay & Basic Rulebook!
Click here for the most updated rulebooks
Click here for Starter Game Kit
Learn to Play Quickly Using Our Online Rulebook!
Follow the 6 online Tutorials found in the Interactive Rulebook for the fastest and easiest way to learn how to play the game!
Click here for the Interactive Rulebook
Watch an Entire Interactive Game Demonstration!
See an entire game from start to finish by watching this Interactive Game Demonstration which also reinforces all of the game rules!
Click here for Interactive Game Demonstration (Adobe Flash).
This Game is Patent Pending!
A patent application was filed on December 18, 2009 with the U.S. Patent & Copyright Office to protect this all new game!
Click here for more information on our patent
The following art is by Santiago Iborra; Fellowships of Men & Monsters Header at top of web page, Fellowships of Men & Monsters logo, BattleMat gameboard & Map of the Kingdom of Baalskar (and other stuff too)! 

For artist names and contact information for the other art used within this website please visit our
Artist Information web page!.

© 2009 Mark Ventura, Freehold, NJ.  All rights reserved.  Fellowships of Men & Monsters Game, their logos and unique game system concepts; Insta-Battle Combat System, ClassLimit Deckbuilding Method, Spellcast Time Method and the BattleMat Gameboard Design are the Intellectual Property of Mark Ventura (United States Patent # 61,287,963 pending).  No duplication without written permission.


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