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Interactive Rulebook
This Interactive Rulebook is the fastest and easiest way to learn the rules of the game!  Simple follow the Tutorials below in the order listed and you'll be ready to play in no time!  If you prefer traditional rulebooks then
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Tutorial #1:
The Cards
Tutorial #2:
How to Fight
Tutorial #3:
Tutorial #4:
Spellcast Time
Tutorial #5:
The BattleMat
Tutorial #6:
Interactive Demonstration
Check out the all new card layout which lists 12 proficienciesies for each card including any special attacks, abilities or rules.  Explore the different types of cards including Players, Spells, Magic Items, Missiles, Special Attacks and Battlefields.
See how the new Insta-Battle Combat System instantly determines all battle outcomes regardless of  their complexity by simply lining up the right side (Attack Side) of the attackers' cards with the left side (Defend Side) of their targets' cards.
See how the new ClassLimit Deck Building System lets you play any of your cards right from the START of the game and allows you to pick whatever cards you want but limits the number of each card type in your deck based on the cards' total Class values.
Even though you possess all of your spells from your very first turn, see how Spellcast Time limits the numer of spells you can cast each turn based on their total Spellcasting Time.  Each spell is assigned a specific Spellcasting Time in seconds required for casting.
See how the BattleMat Gameboard actually depicts a true battlefield and allows your cards to interact with your opponent's cards and fight as if in an actual hand-to-hand battle!  This new gameboard style gives you a true fantasy battle expeience unlike any other.
Click here to go to an Interactive Game Demonstration and watch an entire game (Adobe Flash)!
Watch an entire game from start to finish!  This animated, interactive demo also reinforces all of the rules to the game with lots of comments, tips & strategy discussions making it a great way to quickly learn how to play with the game rule explained along the way!